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I'm finally out of the Army and can now fully speak my mind about how I feel about the direction our country is going. Tonight on Hannity, I caught former Marine Corporal David Hedrick as he explained his views on universal health care and located his appearance at a town hall meeting on YouTube: What he says, in a nutshell is what I have been saying for quite some time, look at 1936-37 Germany for a history lesson!

The problem with Hitler and WWII is that whenever someone hears the word "Nazi", they immediately think of the Holocaust and concentration camps. These are valid thoughts and atrocities that should never be forgotten. However, what everyone seems to forget is that NAZI is actually an acronym for National Socialist Worker's Party. This is what is meant when comparing the direction our Nation is moving to the Nazis of Germany. Not the Nazis of WWII, rather the Nazis as they led their country into the war.

WWI was the "War to end all Wars"...we saw how that turned out. The world in the first half of the last century was modern, sensible and no one really believed what happened in WWII could ever happen. Step-by-step, incrementally, Hitler led the citizens of Germany down the path to war. His Brown Shirts and later the Gestapo and SS slowly began gathering up the intellecutals and (as defined by the Nazi Party) malcontents and undesirables and silenced them, or put them into forced labor, all for the Reich. More accurately, the people of Germany, and much of the world, enamored of the Bavarian Corporal followed him blindly into the war. Denying or qualifying Hitler's actions as necessary for the good of the Fatherland.

We are in the same situation now. Our rights cannot be eroded, the Federal Government cannot control yet another aspect of our lives unless we choose to allow it to happen. Our rights are ours to be cherished and protected. They can only be surrendered if we choose to allow it.


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