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Seattle's jaywalking: Cop strikes jaywalker

First, if you're not familiar with what happened recently in Seattle,watch the video:

Let's break it down. Is jaywalking something that should be enforced? Quite simply, yes. If it is a law on the books, then it is enforceable, and should be enforced. If the citizens of Seattle do not want it enforced, then get involved and have it repealed.

Did the officer over react? No. First, although I am not, nor have never been a police officer, I do know that it is standard procedure in most jurisdictions...and common sense to boot that when citing, or simply questioning someone and others insert themselves into the situation, the officer, most especially when alone, must contain the situation. This will often result in at least one individual being handcuffed. The fact that the jaywalker's friend assaulted the officer (pushing is assaulting), thus inserting herself and escalating the situation, the officer was fully …

Oil vs. Immigration

Which direction does our President want to go? He is adamant that he wants comprehensive immigration reform, then secure our borders. Yet he wants to stop the oil flow, and then focus on clean-up. Do you see the parallel? It appears that there is a lack of consistency within our President's management philosophy.

The cliche, first, stop the bleeding has been used often to describe the situation with our southern border. Yet our leadership refuses to devote anything other than a token amount of National Guard Soldiers to the problem, insisting that we need immigration reform first. Yet sensibly, he is focusing on stopping the oil flow before we begin the clean up. A lot of effort is being placed on mitigating the impact on the oil that has escaped thus far, which again is sensible. Why not take the same tact with our border issues?

I have no idea how to stop the oil. I feel for the people along our coastlines that will be so terribly impacted by this tragedy...however, have no doubt …